Syrian Democratic Council Vision for Syria


The Syrian Democratic Council calls for a series of measures representing a roadmap to peace and security in Syria and the fulfillment of democratic rights for all Syrians:

  • Launch a comprehensive dialogue with all parties in Syria with the goal of agreeing upon a common vision for the country’s future
  • Release all Syrian detainees and abductees
  • Remove all foreign fighters from Syria
  • End Turkey’s occupation of Syria
  • Reach a national consensus to fight terrorist groups in Syria including ISIS and al-Nusra
  • Lift the siege of all besieged areas in Syria to ensure that international aid organizations are able to provide humanitarian assistance to any and all Syrians that require it
  • Create the proper conditions in Syria to allow for the safe return of IDPs in and refugees to the country, with the assistance of the United Nations
  • Oppose any demographic changes in Syria and ensure that any such changes made previously are resolved in a fair and equitable way