Bassam Saker

US Representative, US Mission of the Syrian Democratic Council

Dr. Bassam Saker serves on the Presidential Advisory Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council. He worked with the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority from 1984 to 2008, rising to Director of Engineering Affairs, responsible for all Syrian civil airports. He joined the Syrian National Council, a council representing the opposition to the Syrian government, in 2015. He was a member of “Platform Riyad,” a key forum for the political opposition to the Syrian government. He then joined the Syrian Democratic Council later in 2015, after observing that his values were more aligned with SDC core principles. As a diplomatic representative of the Syrian Democratic Council working from the US Mission of the Syrian Democratic Council, he attends top-level diplomatic meetings on behalf of the SDC in Washington DC and Moscow.

Saker is an Alaawite Syrian who was born and raised in Latakia, Syria. He received a PhD in aerospace engineering at Kiev University in Ukraine. He is married with two children.