United States Agenda

The Syrian Democratic Council is working with the United States Government to achieve the following goals:

  • End Turkey’s drone and artillery attacks against North and East Syria and the AANES, which violate the US-negotiated October 2019 Ceasefire Agreement.
  • Promote the US Treasury Department’s General License 22, which authorizes certain economic activities in North and East Syria.
  • End Turkish occupation of SDC region, such as Sere Kaniye (Ras al Ayn), Gire Spi (Tal Abyad), and the region of Afrin.
  • Investigate Turkey and Turkish-backed militias for their crimes against humanity, occupation, and acts of genocide in Syria.
  • Sanction Turkish-backed militias and officials for their war crimes.
  • Support clear goals and strategy on the enduring defeat of ISIS – militarily, culturally, and ideologically.
  • Secure SDC’s place at the negotiating table in any peace/armistice negotiations with the current Syrian government, rebel groups, or other regional actors.
  • Equip the SDF with the necessary arms and supplies to defend ourselves and those living within our territory.
  • Provide humanitarian and developmental aid to our people, as directed by the AANES and local councils, and support the opening of a humanitarian border crossing such as al-Yaroubiah crossing or another crossing.
  • Aid SDC government institutions in bringing in more skilled workers and professional manpower, and provide training in government, policy, and administration.
  • Provide police units and the SDC counterterror apparatus with the training they need to face the challenges of the post-ISIS era.