Airwars: Civilian Casualties, Turkish Airstrikes

This article originally appeared on Warning: This article (at link) contains very graphic images of children killed in Turkish airstrikes. Images not suitable for children. Airwars assessment At least four civilians, including three children, were killed and two other […]

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Syrian Milestones: The View from Afrin and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria

Where are we ten years after the start of the Syrian conflict — and three years after the Turkish invasion and occupation of Afrin, Syria? Seven million refugees and displaced persons, 500,000 deaths, food instability and a health care crisis, and 80 percent of the population living in poverty. A Turkish occupation and a Islamic extremist comeback.

What should the United States do about it? Join us for a timely discussion about the situation in Afrin, the autonomous region, and options for US policy.

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